If you built your own website, how was your experience?
1. If you built your website on your own, on a scale of 1 to 5, how difficult was it?
Adding Content
Adding SEO Items
Changing the template design
Integrating Social Media
7. Which website builder did you choose and why did you choose it over outsourcing the process to a professional website designer?
Finding a Template
6. What is your level of satisfaction with your current website / builder in terms of optimization?
Adding eCommerce
2. How much time did you personally invest in the process of building your website?
3. In your opinion, what is your time worth?
8. If you were to build another website, which website builder would you choose and why? Or would you choose to outsource it? If so, why?
5. What is your level of satisfaction with your current website / builder in terms of design?
4. What was the hardest part about building your website? Please grade all that apply.
9. Please provide your current contact information:
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Web Design Survey

How Was Your Experience?
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