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The tagline of 9/11 is “Never Forget”. That is to say, let us always remember those we’ve lost on 9/11. This is important, and I am not dismissing it at all. However, for me, it also means may we never forget how we came together as a nation on that historic day. As September 11th approaches I am reminded of an editorial cartoon posted to the wall of my office. Before 9/11 – the skyline of New York is as it had been every day before.

After 9/11 – the same skyline is covered in American Pride (The American Flag). The idea being after 9/11, we came together as 1 nation in American Patriotism and respect for this country stands for - freedom. These many years later, as I look on social media and how the people of this nation insist on the privilege of abusing the 1st Amendment and burning the American Flag in protest, or kneeling during a ceremony that honors it, I am worried that we have somehow forgotten our American Pride. I do realize that yes, if you want to sell this nation as the land of the free, you must defend the right of burning the American Flag in protest.

I agree with the statement however I also say that just because you have the right, doesn’t make it right. After all, there are limits on freedoms – including Freedom of Speech, and yet we are still “free”.

Point: No matter how we feel about it personally and no matter how we know others feel about it, The American Flag is not just a piece of cloth. All of the symbols of various causes - they are all sacred symbols to be respected – whether we believe in those things personally or not. For they are the reason we get up in the morning. They are the reason we fight to stay alive and free. They are the reason we live, breath, and love. If we want to remain the greatest country on earth, we must show respect and furthermore, earn that respect.

The message of freedom of speech is lost when abused. I get protest is deemed a right. But again, when used inappropriately, the message is lost. There is a better way. There is a time, a place, and a tone that must be taken into account to ensure the message is delivered effectively and in 1 piece.

On a side note - To us, you are not just a customer. Let us build something that is not just a website.

Rob Shurtleff
Bob The Website Builder
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