If you see a problem...

..., you are free to provide a solution

If you follow my blog closely forgive me for not writing in over 2 years now as I’ve been a bit busy with moving from Richfield MN to Lino Lakes MN (just north of Centerville and West of Hugo MN). With that being said, I have a long list of website / seo / marketing subjects to talk about so stay tuned. For today, considering the season, I’d like to reminisce a bit.

As another 4th of July approaches, and seeing all of the posts about fireworks and how they affect those with PTSD, household pets, and the environment in general – I am reminded of why we got involved with the neighborhood drama surrounding a proposed public amenity in a public park – a bandshell. One person suggested (in a public forum) that our 30+ year tradition of having fireworks in the park be disbanded and moved to a nearby city to the north. Needless to say, it got personal, very personal.

In hindsight, it would have been better for them to say – “considering the affects fireworks have on those with PTSD, household pets, and the environment, there is a new product – silent and non-toxic fireworks. This way, everyone can enjoy the fireworks.” I don’t know if they actually exist, but this statement truly speaks of inclusion of those previous yet unintentionally excluded in a way that does not (inadvertently or perhaps purposefully) exclude another group previously free.

In this age of righting wrongs (sometimes aggressively closedminded) and striving to become a progressive and inclusive society – let us think to do so kindly and understandingly without excluding others. It is sad to think that big brother has tried to so with a handful of laws – and yet they are still exploited as “providing legal discriminatory practices”. I disagree. It is simply not taking away the rights of the majority in favor of the minority.

Anyway, what does this have to do with website design, marketing, or seo? Nothing really other than to say perhaps – if you see a problem, and you feel compelled to say something about it – 1: the attitude with which you say it will have a profound affect with how the message is received and 2 – you must also provide a solution, otherwise you are simply a winer, not an activist in search of social justice.

Remember the reason for the season – freedom. If you wish you to be you, it is a 2 way street without guilt or fear of reprisal. Stay tuned for continued blog posts about small business web design etc.

Let me free you to do what you do best – run your business.  Call for a free website consultation.

Rob Shurtleff
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