Robo-Calls from Bob? It's Not Me!

What About Bob?

There is more than one "Bob" who "builds websites"

Below is a full explanation of what is happening with this other "Bob who builds websites" and the spam-like robo-calls.

This is a public service announcement:

Evidently there is another "
Bob (Hansen or Hanson)" who has taken to using robo-calls as a marketing strategy. And when folks do a search to try to find him to complain, they are finding me (Bob Shurtleff) instead. I can promise you, it is not me who is making these phone calls. So if anyone gets a robo-phone call from (a "Bob" who builds websites), that is not me. I don't know this "Bob", I haven't spoken to this "Bob" (as of the date of this post), and I certainly do not endorse this "Bob" nor his robo-calls / cold-calling technique. My name is Bob Shurtleff, not Bob Hansen (or Hanson) or any other last name.

Evidently, he is using local phone numbers all the way from MA to CA. Here is a link to a message he left using the 949 area code, as well as 360 ,415, 972, 815, 678, 719, 801, 609, 856, He's even called from MN, but it's not me. Here is also a ripoff-report with additional details and another on TrustPilot and another from

Update as of July 15, 2021 - Why I don't cold-call.

So after yet another email from an irate person, I decided to do what I wish those who call me accusing me of malfeasants would do 1st - do the homework and read the fine print before jumping to conclusions.

I went back to the ripoff-report and realized that "Bob Hansen (Hanson)" is the same person as "Bob Selfors". After an exhaustive search, I realized he is/was based out of the Raleigh area of North Carolina and is guilty of other scams involving other industries. I then found a Fivrr profile where he is / was in fact offering cold-calling services for website designers
(NOT ME!). Again, I don't cold call or have needed cold calling services. However, I was not convinced Robert Hansen (Hanson) was indeed Robert Selfors (I did my homework 1st), until I heard the message he leaves on his SoundCloud profile where he DOES INDEED answer the phone as "Bob Hansen (Hanson)". Just in case any of the links for Fivrr or SoundCloud cease to work, I've attached photos / video below...

While what he is doing may sound like a valuable service to website designers (again - not me), 1 - cold calling is annoying and robo-calling is illegal, 2 - there are better ways to be found. As to this issue, you are free to do a search for both names. I am not him, he is not me, and I do not participate in cold calling nor robo-calling as a marketing strategy. The fact that you've found me instead of him when you searched for "Bob Website Design" is a testament to the value of honest SEO work.

This development has been sent to my lawyer and will be sent on to the FTC/FCC. I also plan on calling the attorney general as well as local news stations in North Carolina to see if they want to investigate this further.  Stay tuned for additional updates.

Updates: Additional phone #'s as they are sent to me... 5106801260, 5136536827, 7154034130, 4044748312, 9856162298, 8312986166, 9498601617, 5016013512, 6468139759 and more... stay tuned. Feel free to report any additional #'s directory to the FTC.

As of the original date of this post...

A case file has been opened with the FTC, the FCC , BBB, and the MN Attorney General as well as my local lawyer. Each new number I become aware of is given as an update to each file. But the issue is: 1 - I'm not the one receiving the calls so I'm not exactly the best person to be making the report (I'm relying on you to do that) and 2 - he is constantly changing his phone number so getting an accurate location on him is difficult at best.
Again, this is NOT me. My name is Bob Shurtleff, not Bob Hansen (or Hanson).

To be clear, I am not blaming any other "Bob" who happens to build websites. There are several variations of my company's name (Bob The Webpage Builder, Bob The Web Builder etc.). Our advice: simply do your research carefully and read carefully to understand which "Bob" is being talked about.

I understand you are frustrated, and you have my sympathies. Just please understand, it's not me nor anyone affiliated with me "Bob Shurtleff" or my company "Bob The Website Builder" based out of Lino Lakes Minnesota. Here is a link from the FTC on apps to stop robo-calls. Do not call registry. FCC - Stop RoboCalls. FTC - Stop RoboCalls.

If you can provide the phone # of where you got the call from (or if you happen to know his current address / email address, I'll forward it to the authorities. My # is (651) 287-1589. Stay tuned for continual updates on this saga...

Thank you.

Bob Shurtleff
Bob The Website Builder
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