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Are you a small business looking to redesign your website in 2014? That is awesome! However, a word of caution - don’t be a lemming and simply follow the crowd because it is the popular thing to do according to current trends.

Be sure to choose a design that is reflective of who you are as a  company, the unique value that you have to offer, and the customer that you are targeting.

Initial opinion suggests that web design trends for 2014 include the following:

• WordPress CMS design (do-it-yourself website maintenance)

• Responsive website design (sites that look good on any device - from the very large, to the very small)

• Design elements: Minimalism (no realistic skeuomorphism), Flat UI (no drop shadows or gradients), Large Fonts (no small print), White Space (no crowding), Beautiful Full Screen Background pictures / video, Parallax Scrolling (with or without single page sites), etc.

Regarding the 1st item, there is more than one CMS and hosted site builder available. One thing they all have in common - they all have limitations as well as capabilities. In the end, choose what makes sense for you, not what your designer forces you to use.

Regarding the 2nd item, often it is paired with the 1st item. In the end, “one size fits all” is not always the best or only solution. In the end, choose the best & most affordable solution, not the popular solution.

Regarding the 3rd item - the bottom line is design trends are moving toward simplicity. Site visitors want to be able to easily find what they are looking for and quickly without having to read through endless paragraphs of text or click-through a complicated navigation system. In other words - keep it simple yet catchy. Most importantly, keep the it reflective of you, your unique value, and your target market.

Regardless of what past trends are embraced, and what current trends are rejected, please understand the importance of ensuring that the site still contains design elements that positively grabs the visitor’s attention.  A website can have all of the current & visually appealing design trends in place, but if it does not have that call to action that sets you apart from the competition, why should the visitor stay and not bail in search for a resource they can better identify with?

If you are looking to update your site, with or without all the current trends, call us. We’ll be more than happy to help.

Rob Shurtleff
Bob The Website Builder
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