Web Design Trends 2015 - Responsive Web Design is Key

Responsive Website Design
Dec 15, 2014
Over the last several years, we have seen many website design trends come and go as noted in a recent article by Template Monster.

Arguably the most important of these “trends” - responsive web design - will likely not be going away anytime soon as website traffic from mobile devices such as cell phones and tablets are ever increasing.
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Prior to these techniques, and sometimes thereafter, website designers only worried about how the website looked on desktop computers. The issue with this is that it neglects traffic from those looking for you on a tablet or smart phone. Sometimes, the web designer made a completely separate and duplicate mobile website aimed at looking good on mobile phones and provide a way for the mobile user to be seamlessly redirected to the separate website. While this option is good enough, responsive / adaptive website design has so widely accepted that even Google will give props to those with a website that is “mobile friendly” by labeling it as such in the search results. Either way, a positive mobile user experience is a must to ensure these opportunities are not wasted or lost.

Here at Bob The Website Builder, we offer both adaptive website design (ours is adaptive) as well as 1 page mobile websites - both aimed at ensuring visitors from mobile devices have a positive experience on your website. If you would like a website that is “mobile friendly”, please give us a call. We are happy to serve.

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