Wordpress.org Website Builder Review

WordPress.org Website Builder

WordPress.org is a paid-hosted cms & web-based website builder that is easy to use. However, it has its cons as well as its pros. Read below our full review.
This is a quick and simple review of the paid hosted web-based content management system - Wordpress.org as used to build an example website - Divi for Wordpress - A Review.

Wordpress.org is a paid/managed hosted content management system, is world renown as not only a blogging platform but the go-to tool to build state of the art websites. Below is an account of my personal experience with Wordpress.org when making a simple example website.

Like any website builder, there is a learning curve. First - there is the learning curve of how to properly install, manage and use Wordpress as a  content management system (including optimization and theme customization). Then, there is how to properly implement and modify the theme chosen and build pages therein. Then, there is the multitude of plugins available to choose from for various purposes. And we haven’t even gotten to management of hosting yet (let’s just assume you’ll go with a managed solution as it is better this way). Initial steps are as follows (first steps):

Themes - In this case, the Divi Theme was chosen based on flexibility as it incorporates drag-and-drop functionality to build custom layouts as opposed to being stuck in the box of a pre-determined layout. Thanks to a myriad of modules and shortcodes, Divi sites, when built to resemble today’s trends, are modern and beautiful. Divi also has a plugin to give any theme this same functionality. What ever theme you choose, research it carefully to fully understand how to maximize its capabilities before diving in. This will make your experience much smoother.

upside to using Wordpress.org (as opposed to Wordpress.com or any other free-hosted web-based website builder) is the fact that it is not tied to a particular host. That it it can be downloaded and reuploaded to a new host that supports it. However, doing so can prove to be easier said than done. The plus that WP.org has over the free hosted WP.com is the ability to add plugins to increase its functionality as well as optimization. Again, doing so correctly can prove to be difficult. Choose plugins carefully. That is, ensure they not only get along with your hosting and of with the theme you chose but with each other as well. This is paramount. Make sure.

Depending on your needs (including maintenance) as well as budget, I can most likely build for you a custom website that can look almost exactly like your favorite Wordpress.org template but is more technically sound in terms of on-page seo and html errors. Either I can maintain the website for you or show you how to via my affordable desktop software. Feel free to read the full review of the Divi Theme Framework for Wordpress.org for additional information on this tool.
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